Core Developers review the 2.4 Servlet Specification.


News: Core Developers review the 2.4 Servlet Specification.

  1. The Core Developers Network has published a review of the good, the bad and the ugly of the soon to be final 2.4 servlet specification produced by JSR 154.

    The aims of JSR 154 were some modest feature enhancements, improved deployment descriptors and general clarifications of existing functionality. These aims, with some notable exceptions have largely been met.

    This article reviews the most important additions, changes, omissions and remaining problems in the specification. The key new features are introduced and some explanations are given for those that are missing in action. Problem areas that remain in the specification and those that have newly been added are also discussed.

    Missing Features

    Some of the features listed in the aims of JSR-154 and that have been much requested by users, did not make it into the 2.4 specification. Mostly this was because they proved to be beyond the scope of a point release.

    These include:

    - Programmatic Authentication
    - Extensible Deployment Descriptors
    - NIO Support
    - SingleThreadModel Deprecated

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  2. An interesting read, especially this:

    "Importing J2EE schema's means that the servlet specification is no longer stand alone and can only be considered as a subordinate specification of J2EE. Apart from the questionable object oriented design of a component having dependencies on it's container, this represents an administrative change that was forced on JSR-154 by the managers of the Java Community Process."

    Who are these "managers of the Java Community Process" and what is their political agenda?