Hi all,

after writing an automatic converter to be able to deploy to C#, we are back to work on the "real" development platform: Java.

A maintenance release of our engine has gone live yesterday:

About db4o:
db4o is a client/server Java object database with ACID transactions.

Our key goals for db4o were:
- simplicity
- speed
- small footprint
Give us a try!

A list of a couple of recent changes may give you a picture, were we are:
- We now supply four different JDK versions (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4). db4o was tested successfully on a real lot of exotic VMs, like J9, Symbian, Savaje. (A JDK 1.1 dialect (PersonalJava, J2ME CDC) with reflection, exceptions and RandomAccessFile functionality is all that is necessary for db4o.)

- WeakReference collection now runs in a dedicated thread and you can configure the poll rate or turn it off.

- The servlet interface was refactored out of the engine and
it is now supplied as source code. It has been enhanced to allow a more flexible transaction setup. A very simple webapp is supplied with the download to demonstrate the behaviour.

- Embedded clients that communicate directly (without using
a port) with the server are now possible.

- Static field values can be stored and they will automatically be reassociated with their identity so if(x == Static.CONST) will work.

Enjoy testing our engine!

Carl Rosenberger
db4o - database for objects - http://www.db4o.com