in2j automatically migrates Oracle code to Java...and DB2


News: in2j automatically migrates Oracle code to Java...and DB2

  1. Quintessence Systems ( this week announced the release of in2j 1.6.5, a fully automated tool for migrating Oracle server-side PL/SQL code into Java. Additionally, release 1.6.5 allows you to (optionally) migrate your application to DB2. Is this just what ISVs (and IBM) have been waiting for?

    The latest release of in2j supports both customers interested in making a permanent switch away from the Oracle database to IBM's DB2 database as well as customers looking to make their existing PL/SQL application available on both Oracle and DB2 platforms from within a single code base e.g. ISVs

    A migration from Oracle PL/SQL to Java with in2j delivers:

    * Non-proprietary Java-based business logic which deploys with an either Oracle or DB2 database.
    * A library containing all of the key proprietary Oracle packages and built-in functions implemented in Java source code.
    * Oracle SQL statements migrated to DB2-compliant SQL.
    * All of the static interfaces required to deploy the generated Java code together with a DB2 database.

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  2. Feature-wise, how does this tool compare with a similar one?
  3. But[ Go to top ]

     Why would i want my Oracle pl/sql which runs just fine without any complaint and move them to java ,Ya'll dont gimme ur 2 cents about old unlocking from
    os crap....
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    I have to agree with the previous writer..., this is really stupid. If you have already invested al lot of money in Oracle and/or are planning on doing to use Oracle database, using PL/SQL is a good thing.

    Don't take my word for it, read Rod Johnson's book.
  5. You can be sure that there are many Oracle customers out there who are deliriously happy coding away in PL/SQL with their Oracle database. There are also those out there highly resistant to change, whatever the justification. Perhaps those groups overlap significantly. Who knows. If you're happy developing in PL/SQL...that's fine by Quintessence. in2j is not a crusade "against" PL/SQL or "for" Java. in2j is simply a response to a need out there in the market place. Confirmation of that market comes in the shape of tremendous interest and enthusiasm, thousands of developers downloading in2j and commercial customers finding value in migrating to Java for a number of reasons e.g. flexible deployment, database independence (perhaps they're dumping Oracle), standards based, etc. etc. I'm sure you've heard it all before, and I'm sure it evokes the same response in you each time. Even Oracle "loves" Java...perhaps it's Oracle's future (sole) common language across its entire product there's a thought.

    Again, Quintessence isn't selling Java...our mission is simply to help Oracle customers who want to make the switch Java to do it in the most effective way.
  6. Elton,

    I agree with you, this is a nice idea. I particularly think of an entire application developped 90% on PL/SQL that locks the customers to Oracle. Migrating it to java is something they will definitely consider.

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    Also agree. This is a pure academic exercise.