I have a one stateless session and a number CMP entity EJBs that compile and deploy with no problem using the Weblogic 6.0 Beta 2 on a Windows 2000 Pro machine.

When I run a test client against a session bean I get the following exception on the entity bean:

Start server side stack trace:
java.rmi.ServerError: A RemoteException occurred in the server method; nested exception is:

    VendorInvHeader is the only entity bean used by the session bean. I added the jar file for VendorInvHeader to the classpath for the server and restarted. On start up the only beans that successfully deploy are VendorInvHeader and APPayableEntry. The rest all get the same exception:

EJB Deploying

<Nov 17, 2000 8:49:33 AM EST> <Error> <J2EE> <Error deploying EJB Component: sky_ejb_entity_Vendors weblogic.ejb20.EJBDeploymentException: Error while deploying bean 'Vendors'.

        Vendors: Each Bean <entity> in ejb-jar.xml must have a corresponding Bean <weblogic-rdbms-bean> in web

    But now the session bean WORKS!!!. Do I need to include the class files of all the entity beans used by a session bean in the session beans jar file? If I do what happens when an entity bean used by more than one session bean changes? Do I have to rebuild all the session beans? What am I missing in my classpath? Any thoughts, suggestions, HELP!!!