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    JInspired has released JDBInsight 2.0, their tool which integrates Java profiling information with JDBC/SQL transaction analysis.

    Version 2.0 has numerous features derived from its support of the Java VM Profiling Interface (JVMPI) such as Java call stack analysis, cpu, blocking and waiting measurements at the transaction path level. Clock measurements are adjusted for blocking, waiting and gc pauses.

    New features in this release:

    New console user interface: Many new informative visualizations of J2EE transactions and performance execution profiles have been added including: call stack graphs, entry point tree maps, sequence diagrams, call stack and transaction transcripts. Additional views included allow for navigation of the performance profile via database table or column, Java package, class, or method, technology classification, SQL tokens, or transaction entry points.

    Java call stack classification engine: Developers, testers, database and J2EE server administrators can now better understand the interaction of various Java enterprise technologies with corporate databases.
    Classifications are available for Java enterprise technologies such as EJB, Hibernate, JDO, JMS, JSP, Servlets, JTS, JDBC, and Struts.

    Terminal services: The terminal services add-on provides a quick and easy way to communicate with multiple servers without having to use a graphical user interface. This facilitates the streamlined connection, activation and deactivation of profiles on local or remote servers with the ability to control multiple servers from a single terminal. The terminal environment provides a powerful environment to create and schedule snapshot information, in order to monitor servers at regular intervals, with the ability to store and retrieve snapshots from any mounted drive, as well as providing a rich set of commands, that can be executed from saved scripts, to assist in analysis of this highly detailed profile data.

    Transaction demarcations: JDBInsight 2.0 is the first performance management product to have the ability to detect and present resource transaction demarcations - allowing visual sub-transaction identification.

    Resource Management: JDBInsight keeps counters representing objects states for each JDBC interception point create a resource object. When a JDBC resource changes state the allocation site counters are updated.
    This helps to pinpoint source code locations where resource objects are created and not closed properly or freed from memory. Because an interception is a combination of call stack and SQL the view caters for generic J2EE application frameworks which create objects based on application parameters and callers.

    Xml export: Various statistical measurements can be viewed in Xml format and copied into applications for custom report generation.

    Server options: Additional system properties to customize the small amount of overhead added during runs.

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  2. Awesome GUI[ Go to top ]

    I haven't used the product but I have never seen a better GUI than from this product. Great!

    -- Andreas
  3. Awesome GUI[ Go to top ]


    Thanks for the compliment.

    JDBInsight may not be the best GUI in Java-land, but within the performance assurance market I do believe this to be the case. Its very hard to determine this as most vendors (Precise, Quest, WilyTech) make it nearly impossible to get access to their product without having a sales person team arriving on site. I am not sure what is the issue here. I cannot believe that the products are that hard to install?

    At the recent JavaOne I visited the above vendors stands to get a glimpse at what they had to offer. After finally managing to get the chance to use their products (url-to-sql can take quite a long time with a browser) I was very impressed with what WE had achieved. When asked to show resource transaction I was either confronted with a blank stare or "what do you mean by a resource transaction". The best view I could get a was a call tree generated from all executions that occurred during a request processing. The sequential interaction with the database was completely lost.

    In mid 2004 (JavaOne) we hope to launch a new product code named, JEEPP, for complete J2EE technology coverage. Yes, it will have JMS transaction analysis, ;-).

    All the best,

    William Louth
    Product Architect
    william dot louth at jinspired dot com

    "Test and Tune with Insight"
  4. No support information on site[ Go to top ]

    I am trying to deploy JDBInsight 2.0. I am running into some problems. I looked for the support information on their site. It does not have any url that indicates even support e-mail id. Is there any support available or support is for customer only?
  5. JInspired JDBInsight Support[ Go to top ]

    Please try support at jinspired dot com.


    William Louth
    Product Architect

    "Test and Tune with Insight"