Zend brings PHP to the enterprise with their PHP Enabler


News: Zend brings PHP to the enterprise with their PHP Enabler

  1. Zend Technologies, the company that invented PHP, announced a new suite of products that integrates directly with Sun's Java System Web Server (formerly Sun ONE Web Server).

    Zend's new product offering includes two components:

  2. PHP Enabler for Sun Java System Web Server - Enables PHP to integrate and run smoothly with Java System Web Server. The module, using a highly optimized FastCGI architecture, joins the reliability of PHP as CGI with the extensibility and efficiency of in-process NSAPI architecture.

  3. Zend Performance Suite for Sun Java System Web Server -- Improves the performance of PHP on the Java System Web Server. The suite provides code acceleration, content caching, and data compression, enabling enterprises to improve the response time and server load ability of its Web applications.

  4. Read Zend, Sun bringing PHP to the enterprise

    What we are really waiting for is the scripting language JSR (JSR 223: Scripting Pages in JavaTM Web Applications). It seems that more and more projects are using scripting at some level (From Jython to BeanShell).

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  • Sounds Good[ Go to top ]

    PHP is rapidly growing and Zend guys really want to make sure that it starts playing important role in enterprise computing.But I wonder what the zend guys want to make out of it..?

    We already have JSP's, JSF for the UI and Servlets,EJB's and complete J2EE technologies to hold the fort at the backend.Having worked on PHP/MySQL for a couple of projects, I can say its ultra cool if you need to see you webpages up in no time.But seperation of display logic from application logic still lacks.Although PHP 5.0 has the complete object oriented model and saves the programmers from the nightmares of scripting(No hard feelings your scripting lovers), but still I would say JSP is anytime better.

    What they can do is make PHP as front end for J2EE apps of they really want PHP to handshake Java, same as the Cold Fusion guys did with CFMX. CFM's and JSP's sharing the application,session & request objects.

    But....I had a my pleasure while building delayed web messenger on PHP. It was up in no time..

    Way to go Zend Guys...
  • PHP talking to java[ Go to top ]


    PHP does have the ability to use Java classes now. I don't know how well it works and if there are any limitations, but it is there to be used.

    I just finished off a PHP web app with MySQL and it was quick and easy.