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  1. Hi,
    I need to know if its possible to upload a file without user intervention.My requirement is as follows. I have 2 different servers. On click of submit on the upload form, the file would be uploaded as a multipart - request to the first server. And then the same file should be uploaded from the first server to the second server without any user intervention. Also the first server should update the database based on the response from the second server.
    Can anybody help me out .....

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  2. It is possible[ Go to top ]

    Latest IE browsers has some security lag.
    So pass a exc from your server to client
     to write the content of the file uploaded in your server.
    Some toolbar softwares are installing without any prompt likewise
    you can make your exc to create the file in the back.
  3. Additional information[ Go to top ]

    Are both servers web servers?
    Does server B support FTP?
    Is server B in the same domain as server A?