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    Here is the scenario:

    A cache of about 70 MB has to be implemented. It is only updated once in a day and read very frequently. What would be the best strategy to implement it for many weblogic servers in a cluster. Yes, the state of the cache should be identical across the cluster.

    I know of two options.
    1. Each server loads up the cache from the database and the cache is saved in memory as a normal hashmap object.
    2. Use session bean to implement cache.

    I would appreciate if someone could point the pros and cons of the second approach.


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    There is not much point in implementing your cache as a session bean. The main reasons to use a session are:

    a) Need to access information remotely.
    b) Need to make operations transactional.

    Neither of these are relevant for local caches. I would go with option (1) (a simple in memory cache with a HashMap).
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    Hi Arihant,

    There is a third option, Tangosol's Coherence. Coherence's Replicated cache seems to be exactly what you are looking for. Using the cluster-wide locking mechanism you can maintain concurrency (i.e. state) across the cluster.

    Rob Misek
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