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    I try to speed up our JUnit tests. They often involve persisting and retrieving data from our Oracle database.

    Because we use CMP, this process is slow.

    I read about in-memory databases like Cloudscape. But it is not a free product. Is there a free alternative?

    Does Oracle provide such a in-memory support?

    What do you think about the in-memory persistence approach?

    Are there any good tutorials or best practices for it in the context of J2EE/CMP?

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    Hi Hans,

    It is neither free or a database but this is exactly the issue that most of our customers use Coherence to solve. The cache can be 'bound' to a database for read-through and write-behind of the data.

    Rob Misek
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    Hi Hans,

    You can try using Hsql.

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    I have seen comparisons of Derby and HSQL . But is cloudscape an in memory database? How do derby abd HSQL compare as in memory databases?