1) The serverside forum and discussion has lot of experts, have you ever thought of new people in all this kind of technologies, please could you open forums for newbies

2) I am new to weblogic, never used it before, I just downloaded weblogic platform 8.1 .
I know that there is a site dev2dev that has lot of resources, please could you advise me where to start ?

the problems with the tutorials or the demos are :
they don't start the project from the scrach, for example I want to learn about java controls, but in the demo and tutorial they already have a project and lot of resources in the project, for example, they are some files *.jcx , where these files come from ? does the author created them before ?

Yes please, your product looks very good, but how to.. or tutorials are not for new people loke me.

thanks, your help is appreciated.