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    Hello Gurus,

    I'm sorry if I have posted this question in the wrong forum.

    My question is as follows.
    I'm new at EJB and learning it by reading Mastering EJB second Edition by Ed Roman. I guess my confusion is what should be the starting point to study EJB - either books like this one or EJB Specifications provided by Sun?

    If you could express your valuable thoughts on this it will help me a lot.


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    My favorite starting book for EJBs is the O'Reilly Enterprise Java Beans book. If you are feeling cheap, I would recommend the J2EE tutorials at Sun:


    Mastering EJBs is a good second book to look at. To truly master EJBs, you will eventually need to look at the specifications, but I would do a lot of preliminary reading first.
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    That book by Ed Roman is pretty good.
    ALso u will need some reading readding from various sites like SUN, IBM's developer works and the forums Serververside.
    Also if you want to try it out with latest technologies then check this.

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    I have read through the tutorial,it is pretty good and is useful.It not only step by step programing ,also the configuration of server.
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    This Ed Roman's book is good enough to start learning EJB but
    with this u need to do some practical examples which will help
    u to understand the whole scenario.and u need to choose one application
    server and start working with that..