Is WebLogic 8.1 JSR-109 conformant ?


XML & Web services: Is WebLogic 8.1 JSR-109 conformant ?

  1. Is WebLogic 8.1 JSR-109 conformant ? (2 messages)

    I've been searching the BEA site and can't find any reference to conformance.

    I've seen that this forum is read and posted to by "BEA people" - I've experimented briefly with Web Services in Weblogic Workshop 8.1 and I can't find the way to get at the "guts" behind all the (admittedly rather good) GUI stuff - Where's the "webservices.xml" handler definition file?

    Maybe I need a shift in "Weltanschauung" but I'm finding it very hard to move from an AXIS/Websphere background to Weblogic. As the production server is going to be WebLogic I really need to get a handle on this - any good links tutorials?

    Many thanks,

  2. Yes, and no.
  3. Yes, and no.

    It has a split personality? Any chance of being more specific?