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    The JBoss Group have asked the Jetty project to stop
    using the JBoss logo in their links to the JBoss site.

    While the name JBoss is a trademarc, it is not clear what
    the status of the logo is, at it has been contributed
    to an open source project and is available in JBoss releases
    and from sourceforge at http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/jboss/website/content/src/web/default/images/jboss-logo.gif

    This use of a trademarc to selectively attempt to
    control users of an open source project goes very much against the non-discriminatory ideals of free software.
    JBoss needs a clearly stated policy on their use of the
    trademarc and logo, like Linus has done with www.linuxmark.org

    I have responded to the request in my blog:
  2. Lies damn lies and statistics![ Go to top ]

    In a comment on my blog entry, some anonymous poster who uses the term "we" when talking about JBoss Group is claiming that they own 80%-90% of the copyright of JBoss the project.

    Pretty amazing considering that the copy of Jetty that JBoss has forked into their CVS (a long time before elba!), accounts for 9.1% of the lines of code in JBoss CVS.

    While they are replacing Jetty as the default, it was the web tier that was used during the key growth period of JBoss and it is still the choice of many JBoss users - including for www.jboss.org.