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    Hi .........

    I am learning the ABC's of Java. Sounds odd? Yeah! I have been deeply related to C, C++ that I used to hate moving onto Java. But, I've made the move. Anyways, I need help from experts out there.

    I have installed and configured Tomcat 4.1.29 on a linux box( http://localhost:8080/, gives me adequate proof). I have also followed the exact format of directories to be set up under Tomcat (eg: /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/someservlet/WEB-INF/classes). I have also written the deployment descriptor (web.xml). However, the servlet refuses to show up on the browser and a HTTP 404 error pops up every time I try to access it (http://localhost:8080/someservlet/servlet/MyServlet).

    Where could I have gone wrong? Would I have messed up the environment variables? Or is it something else??

    I recently visited the world of Java Servlets. Unfortunately, I haven't had success with Servlets, not one of them turns up on the browser.

    Can someone guide me?

    Thank You!!!

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    try this
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    Thanks a lot!!!!

    That was a very useful link. And know what, my servlets are working absolutely fine.

    Thanks again, mate!!!!