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    Magnolia is the first open-source content-management-system (CMS) which adheres to the upcoming standard of Java content repositories (JCR).

    Its main goal is ease of use for all parties involved in running a CMS. It features a very flexible structure, platform-independence through the use of Java and XML, a simple to use API, easy templating through the use of JSP, JSTL and a custom tag library, automatic administrative UI generation, transparent and uniform data access to multiple data repositories, easy configuration through XML, easy application integration and easy deployment with professional staging on any J2EE Server.

    Magnolia is actively been developed by obinary ltd. and is available free of charge as an open source product. We provide a binary download based on tomcat for easy deployment on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris.

    Read more on Magnolia CMS:

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  2. Source Code[ Go to top ]

    Where is the source code?
  3. Here's the download[ Go to top ]

    I'm just wandering why all the images (most inline) are broken on their site. I can't even view the screenshots.
  4. Here's the download[ Go to top ]

    This link is only for binary downloads.
  5. Here's the download[ Go to top ]

    This link is only for binary downloads.

    I want to know source link too!
  6. That's "life"[ Go to top ]

    Open-source software without a source distribution, is not that a license violation?
  7. Screenhots not loading[ Go to top ]

    Caching was switch off due to a minor bug in magnolia and the server was quite busy the last 24 Hours :-)
  8. What is the authoring URL?[ Go to top ]

    I can't find the authoring URL, any one could tell me?
  9. What is the authoring URL?[ Go to top ]

    Default is on port 8081. superuser/superuser is the user/password.

    - Frank
  10. 8081? Couldn't be connected[ Go to top ]

    It seems that port 8081 is not on listening.
  11. Sorry, 8081 is up now.[ Go to top ]

    Because I launched run the catalina.bat from a incorrect place.

  12. Well all the features stated are nice and dandy, but what about SEARCH?

    Is that supported and what kind of searches?

    I'm wondering because all the demo sites that I saw didn't have a way to search.

  13. Search[ Go to top ]

    Search will be implemented in JCR. Magnolia will incorporate search in the next major build e.g 1.5 or 2.0. In the meantime Luceen from can easy be integrated.
  14. Search[ Go to top ]

    Oh just great!

    I do admire the clean look you've achieved with the apps you built but c'mon. That's an essential requirement!

    Isn't this a content management system? How in the world do you manage content if you can't find it?!
  15. Search[ Go to top ]

    You can implement it in JCR on your own as soon as we release the sourc-code.
    And by the way - it's version 1.0 :-)
  16. And when will that be - "as soon as we release the sourc-code"?

    On you have: "You can download and use Magnolia including the source code"

    As the source code is apparently not yet released, please update your WWW page accordingly, thank you.

  17. What is used as repository[ Go to top ]

    On it says:

    Magnolia is written in Java and uses the upcoming standard API for Java-based content repositories (JCR) to access its content.

    Does that means it _implements_ the API or it uses the API to access another repository implementing it? If the latter I'm curious what that repository actually is.

  18. What is used as repository[ Go to top ]

    We use the open-source implementation which is 0.7
  19. What is used as repository[ Go to top ]

    We use the open-source implementation which is 0.7

    Which open-source implementation?
    Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm not aware of one.

  20. What is used as repository[ Go to top ]

    inside slide/
  21. What is used as repository[ Go to top ]

    look at

    you find there a lot of your questions :-)

    or simply subscribe to
    magnolia-dev-subscribe at obinary dot com

    magnolia-news-subscribe at obinary dot com

  22. We see january as a release date now. We have to clean out some things before we can release
  23. We see january as a release date now. We have to clean out

    > some things before we can release

    do you have to *clean out* the design and other stuff that you
    copied from day's communique product? i suggest you do that
    if you want to avoid legal issues.
  24. Search[ Go to top ]

    Search will be implemented in JCR.

    for a start, JCR is an api, i.e. it doesn't *implement* anything.

    > In the meantime Luceen from can easy be integrated.
    i doubt that. i wonder who you would accomplish that *easily*
    (integrating luceen in magnolia). furthermore, who can you do
    that as your *open source* project doesn't provide any source code :((
  25. JCR Information[ Go to top ]

    I can't seem to find a copy of the JSR-170 - Java Content Repositories, though the original schedule appears to indicate it was to be released by now.

    Is there any publicly available details on this spec? BTW - BEA also claims to be 170 compatible:

    bottom of page 5 under "Standards"

    It would be nice to see the details of this spec.

  26. JCR Information[ Go to top ]

    You can't find em because they are still closed and not under public review yet.
    look at the schedule.
  27. open source????[ Go to top ]

    you guys publicly claim to be an open source project and
    being commited to open source development.

    how come that the source code can't be downloaded anywhere?
    not very *open*, your source, isn't it?

    you claim to be to 1st jcr compliant cms out there...
    strange, i can't find your name in the jsr170 eg list.
    you're neither a jcp member, so you don't participate
    in the community review. now tell me, how can you
    be compliant with something that you can't possibly

    you claim to be using code from the jakarta slide cvs. i checked
    the archives and i couldn't find any active participation
    of obinary staff. you're waiting for the slide open source
    community to deliver a product/implementation which you can
    readily use but you're not contributing in any way???

    this is very shady, this stinks!


    ps: are you using magnolia for your own site (
    well, how about implementing proper image handling?
    broken images don't look too good on the website of a cms vendor ;)
  28. I think you got something wrong[ Go to top ]

    To be compliant with something doesn't mean to have contributed to it. Millions of people are using open source products and not contributing in any way. But indeed, obinary is contributing a lot. Just download Magnolia and use it for free; also look at the source code:

    The only thing that stinks here is your posts. The way you talk and your email adress (swiss extension) makes me think that you are working for a swiss company developing their own CMS. So please, go back to constructive argueing. You have the know-how, so rather share it than complain about it.

    I will not reply to any of your messages in this thread as long as they are anonymous and non-constructive.
  29. when i look at magnolia's documentation i get the
    impression that magnolia is somehow *VERY* similar
    to Day's Communique product.

    check out the following link:

    - anybody who has worked with day's communique products will
      have an instant deja vue experience when browsing through
      magnolia's javadoc:
      is the following terminology/list of classnames ringing a bell?
      - Atom
      - ContainerList
      - HierarchyManager
      - Page
      - actpage
      - author
      - publish
      - activation
      etc etc etc
      the similarity is striking; no other cms uses this exact terminology
      (Atom, ContainerList, HierarchyManager, Page, actpage et al)

    - this comes as no surprise neither as at least 3 former day developers
      are answering questions in obinary's magnolia-dev list!?!?
      interesting, isn't it?

    i guess this is the classical case of somebody copying a design
    they didn't fully understand (just as in the case of m$dos and unix ;)

    i would be *concerned* about legal issues too. maybe that's the reason
    why they don't provide the supposedly *open* source, because they need to
    *clean out some things before we can release" (as pascal from obinary put
    it nicely;)


    ps: i posted my concerns also on the magnolia-dev list.
    i didn't get a reply, neither appeared my posts in the list...

    does this tell you anything?
  30. source code available[ Go to top ]

    look at sourceforge or freshmeat by tomorrow 2400 CET
  31. Well, beagle boy, what's your problem here? You're not raising one single functional issue here, you're simply complaining about the fact that Magnolia looks a bit like Day's Communique. Guess what, smarty, that's no secret! And there are many reasons.

    1. I would always name a class "author" when it is representing author. I guess Day was not the first one to do that. The same goes for other classes.

    2. What's so interesting about the fact that 3 Developers have worked with Day? That means that there's a lot of expertise in the company.

    3. Now that the source code is released, I hope you get back to more constructive critics.

    Maybe the reason why your post wasnt published on the magnolia-dev list is because the magnolia-dev list is a list where development issues are discussed, and not personal problems.
  32. Hi all,

    can content management be implemented as an web service?

    if so how can it be done/?

    Thanks in anticipation,