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News: Pramati Studio 3.5 Final Released

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    Pramati Technologies has released Pramati Studio 3.5 Final. Pramati Studio is an IDE which supports multiple application servers (including their own Pramati Server, as well as WebLogic, and more). This latest release includes new J2EE "power editing", J2EE refactoring support, J2EE semantic validation, testing tools, J2EE debugger, Application analyzer, and more.

    - J2EE Centric Power Editing: Advanced Code Formating, Pretty Printing and Aggressive EditingTM
    . Extensive base of Java code aids
    . Rapid web component development with JSP coding aids
    . HTML and XML validation and tag completion
    - J2EE Refactoring for managing component-level changes and cross-component impact
    - Integrated J2EE semantic validation and correction
    - Record and playback app testing with JSPTestTool
    - Cactus and JUnit integration
    - Full feature J2EE Debugger
    - J2EE Application analyzer
    - UML support through ArgoUML and Rose import

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  2. Hi ! Anybody seen any wizards for Web Services, Struts, Struts Components like tag libraries, etc. Can I drag and drop a Struts "html:text" box onto a JSP page and the code will be written for me ? Anything like a Struts page flow diagram where I can do all my plumbing in a diagram for all my formbeans, actions and JSP views ????

    Has the deployment time of the embedded Pramati Server improved. It used to take a hell lot of time to deploy a relatively simple EAR file with a few JSPs and EJBs thrown in.

    Has the documentation improved ?

    If it cannot do all the above, better check out Oracle JDeveloper 10g preview in my very honest opinion.

    Regards !!
  3. what about support for webservices???[ Go to top ]

    whats the vision of pramati regarding webservices?
    which version will start supporting webservices ?
  4. <snip>
    whats the vision of pramati regarding webservices?
    which version will start supporting webservices ?
    Pramati's approach to Web Services is to provide support within standards. Right now, for J2EE 1.3, we provide support in the Studio ensuring no-vendor-lockin. The Web Services tool allows the developer to expose Session Beans as Web Services and generate a standard J2EE ear that can be deployed on any compliant (1.3) App Server.

    The recently released J2EE 1.4 specification includes Web Services in the standards. In the J2EE 1.4 compliant version of PramatI Server, Pramati will support Web Services as per the standards.

  5. Great Analytics with Pramati Server..[ Go to top ]

    awsome anlytics with Pramati Server, seen and felt good that a Indian Products company is putting much effort in bringing the justice to the Application Server Infrastructure hosting companies.
    Major features I just checked thru and appreciated:
    1. Good Dashboard, a retty good concept
    2. In Depth Diagnostics features, myself tried some example to and got decent results...

    The new look to the User Intention based admin console is good...
    Whats new in the feature list Pramati ?? Any new release or product release soon ???

    Keep the good work..