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    i was not sure where to post, so i decided to put it to general discussion, pardon me if here is not the correct place.

    We are starting of plannig a big project (a central server and probably 5000-10000 users) and quite possibly we will take the java road for that. Yet, i think there is a serious deployment problem.
    Letme describe the outline of the project without spesific details:
    - users will use a gui application. Since it is java, i would prefer swing .
    - This application will be able to work off-line. Also it will access to some hardware utilities by using JNI or such.
    - Application will be able to store and load some data to-from the local machine.
    - There will be different varieties of this application. (same core, different gui and plug-in modules)
    - Although the application can work off-line, eventually user will be forced to go online for sending stored daha and checking updates. And highly probably half of the clients will have a dial-up connection.
    - Central system maybe based on J2EE or a simpler server software.

    The main problem is, how to distribute, maintain and update client application from the central system? Maybe first distribution will be individual because we will need to install JVM to the client machines. But later we need to force user to update application remotely. there are solutions like web start but i am not sure if that one proper for us. i checked XTT, droplets and thinlets but i am not sure if they are the answers. ability of working off-line and accessing local system looks like the show stopper.

    Can anyone suggest me a system or share his/her experience with me?
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    Please take a good look at JNLP ( Java Web Start ). The solution you are looking for is pretty much available through it. For your JNI calls if you depend on custom DLL's or code for your application things mught get a little tricky.