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    Sun Chalk Talk with Mark Bauhaus
    San Francisco, CA -- December 11, 2003

    Sun invited TheServerSide to attend one of their Chalk Talks with Mark Bauhaus, Vice President of Java Web Services.

    The event was mostly an overview of what Sun has done in the J2EE and web services space over the last year and where they are headed. There was no news per se, just a summary of Sun’s position in the Java and web services space.

    Mr. Bauhaus joined Sun about 15 months ago to direct their Java Web Services technologies. Since then Sun has joined the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I), with Mark Hapner being elected to the board. Sun was conspicuously absent from this organization and from the web services space in general for quite a while. They are now fully on board. Bauhaus said they have three key principles with respect to web services:

    - The standards need to remain open
    - They be completely royalty-free
    - The standards need to converge
    He felt there are too many existing standards in areas such as service levels, security and access control and strongly felt that the WS-I needs to be more open. He gave the Java Community Process (JCP) as an example of a more open standards body, where minutes and votes are public information. This was an interesting comment given that many people feel the JCP isn’t open enough.

    Sun is not only committed to defining these standards, but implementing commercial products that support them, as well.

    Mark wrapped up with an overview of how Sun has refreshed their entire enterprise infrastructure software product line and highlighted the recent announcement of the Java Enterprise System for developing and deploying a complete service-driven infrastructure.

    What do you think about Sun's participation within the Web Services landscape? Have they hit the nail on the head with the recent release of J2EE 1.4?

    Eric Preston
  2. J2EE 1.4 in terms of web services support is good but still not up to the level of .NET or BEA Weblogic. For example, BEA provides support for asynchronous web services (callbacks) but J2EE 1.4 doesn't (or at least I could find no info on it).

    Besides that, there needs to be better tool support, as usual.
    BEA's WebLogic Workshop is excellent in terms of web services support, you just add a couple of tags to the code and you instantly have an asynchronous web service. If there was a Weblogic Workshop for J2EE 1.4 then J2EE would easily have the lead over .NET (at least in terms of web services).

    But obviously each J2EE vendor will provide tool support so I think overall J2EE 1.4 (as a spec) has done a pretty good job for web services support (even though it took a long time).