Article: Using JDK 1.4 with WebSphere v5.0 stand-alone clients


EJB design: Article: Using JDK 1.4 with WebSphere v5.0 stand-alone clients

  1. One of the main problems with IBM WebSphere v5.0 is the mandatory use of IBM JDK 1.3.1 that it imposes. This annoying requisite tights us to IBM platform and avoid us to leverage JDK improvements like less startup time, less memory compsumption, better swing performance, etc.

    While IBM WebSphere v5.1 can be the solution, the truth is that a migration even between the same server versions often is very painful. BS Remoting is an HTTP proxy frameworks that can help us to solve this problem and allow us to use any JDK above 1.3 ( including JDK 1.4.x series ) from any manofacturer with IBM WebSphere v5.0 providing much more client independency that what we can get with IBM WebSphere client plugin.

    I have created an article above how to use BS Remoting to create a stand-alone WebSphere v5.0 client. Feel free to leave feedback here.

    Accessing from JDK 1.4 stand-alone clients to IBM WebSphere v5.0

    Feel free to post feedback here or my weblog.

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    Sorry. I have to beg the pardon of all TheServerSide Team and TheServerSide users, because it wasn't my intention to post a main portal news. I want only send a note about the article if it was of interest.

    So, please, remove it from the main portal news if it isn't of interest. I would remove it myself if I had the privileges.


  3. Use WAS 5.1[ Go to top ]

    If you need JDK 1.4.1 you can use the last version of Websphere Application Server:

    Ciao, Diego
  4. If you need JDK 1.4.1 you can use the last version of Websphere Application

    In a greenfield situation yeah sure, if you allready have a whole bunch of 5.0
    servers with lots of applications the obviously it isnt that easy to just
    switch !

  5. Not a field of roses[ Go to top ]

    With my experience with WebSphere v5.0 I'm very skeptical with WebSphere v5.1. I won't be very stranged if only IBM JDK 1.4.0 is supported, or if only a WebSphere special client plugin can be used, or if it requires a bunch of ORB specific jars to run, etc...


  6. IBM JRE 1.4.1 is a real nightmare...[ Go to top ]

    We are currently testing WAS 5.1.
    Our GUI is a SWING app that invokes EJB on WAS. Till there we were using jBoss with absolutely no pb. Since we migrated to WAS, then we first discovered that the use of propriatary IBM VM was mandatory to access EJBs in a WAS container (special native CORBA stuff, part of the JRE)
    One must know that the IBM VM, does not come with any WebStart stuff, and is (according to JFCMark results) 30% to 50% slower than SUN WM for SWING processing.
    So we went on dropping the IBM VM, using our own HTTP connector (like BS-remoting), after having discarded the use of SOAP that brings extra-complexity.


    Side question : how can I convince my managers that jBoss rocks ?
  7. confirmation of v5.1 restriction[ Go to top ]

    can anyone confirm that the VM restriction still exists in actual Websphere AppServer version? A client of me is going to buy it and i definitely have 1.4.1 SWING apps around for communication.

    Of course BS Remoting looks quite ok, so there is not a problem, but a confirmation would be nice.