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    I have a login screen.After providing username and password I clicked submit button.Then jsp page is rendered.I need to calculate the response time between the submit button click and the after the JSP page is rendered.[ Actuall flow is after the submit button is clicked, struts action will be fired, some database action is happening then the JSP page is rendered]. How to know the reponse time taken. Any help is highly appreciated.

    Thank in advance

  2. You can add a filter on the server and test how much time it takes it to get all the data and define the html. Measuring the network time should be done on the client side - what about openening (using javascript) a new window when submitting and a second one when the page finished rendered. other option is to pass this time to the jsp, and let javascript to calculate the delta (since you rely only on the client's clock)

  3. See for example Profile filter in JSOS