Building Component Based Systems - A Pattern Language


J2EE patterns: Building Component Based Systems - A Pattern Language

  1. This pattern language is available for review from
    this link. This is a word document. Posting it as a text-only document directly here is very difficult.

    I would like you to read it and give me feedback. It is planned to submit the language to the next EuroPLOP conference.

    It would also be possible to extend the language with some of the EJB specific patterns that can be found on the website.

    How's about building a big component pattern language with technology specific parts, e.g. EJB?

    Like to hear from you!

  2. Great !!

    You have my congratulations for it.

    As a matter of fact it is the first real thing I read about "server side" components, including many non-sense books. Including the bulky EJB specifications .

    Since I've been working some ideas in this area for quite a few months, I have some suggestions for other related patterns that might fit into your pattern language.

    Unfortunately, as you noticed yourself this interface is not a great tool for discussing ideas in greater extent, so I'll email you.

    This is a shame because it contradicts the purpose of website like this.

    Hey Floyd, what about an open-source effort to revamp this website ?
    It looks good, it may be running on EJB (bad choice, do you admit that?) but it's usability is very poor for patterns and stuff like that.
  3. Congratulations!
    I have gone through this artice, I found that you have uncover the inside of component-based system. I will look closely at it.
    Yihua He
  4. HI
    I will look at it closely during this weekend. And I will
    give you feedback in next week.
    Best Regards!
    Yihua He
  5. Great work!

    I think this pattern language is an excellent teaching aid for component based development newcomers.
    Of course, other pattern languages are necessary, as this one "only" discusses the technical architecture aspects of the enterprise tier of component based systems. For instance, what are the most effective collaboration patterns for the different component types (service, session and entity)? How about the collaboration between components in different distribution tiers?

    I'd also like to recommend the book "Business Component Factory", which gives an excellent overview on the subject of building component based enterprise applications.
  6. Hi folks,

    thanks for the comments. There is a new version of
    the language, you can download it

  7. Greetings,

    An excellent topic and discussion!

    Flashline has launched a relevant newsgroup dedicated to an open community discussion of reuse and CBD. This is a fluff-free newsgroup -- you will encounter no PR or marketing. You can access the group via newsreader or webreader without ever having to view a Flashline web page.


  8. markus,

    I'm frustrated cuz neither of the links for your pattern language paper seem to be working, so I can't read it.

  9.   same here ...

      cant open any of ur ..files..

      hopw u would do some for this ...
  10. You can grab the latest one from here.

    I am just about to read it so will hopefully have something to contribute soon...
  11. I can't follow the link to your article.