Sun works on new Intermediate Language


News: Sun works on new Intermediate Language

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    Miguel de Icaza of Ximian has been looking at the new intermediate language that Sun is working on. The new IL is aimed at defining a new computer language it claims could bolster performance and productivity for scientific and technical computing.

    "Little is known about the new intermediate language that Sun is working on. All I know is that Guy Steele is involved in this effort.

    The story has various interesting elements: a new intermediate language for high-performance computing; A call to get IBM and Cray involved into the architecture/design of such an intermediate language, a new language (or maybe a language extension) to take advantage of these features and finally because they want to create an industry standard out of it."

    Sun Invites IBM, Cray To Work On New Computer Language

    Sun working on new Intermediate Language

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    ...and give Java&J2ee to the OS world
  3. If they decide to license it to MS, they would better do it right this time so we don’t have to follow the decade long law suites.
  4. I'm wondering if this is the set of extensions I heard about 12-18 months ago for high precision math and other mostly boring stuff like that. Supposedly it's just some additions to the JVM that they may try to make part of the JVM "standard" if it is accepted well ....


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  5. I think there are some additional constructs for massive parallel computing, etc, not just precise math.