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    Does CORBA supports to CMP EJB ( Entity/ Session ) or not?
    If any one have any idea about this, please share with us.


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    Corba is a standard - published by OMG (object Management Group). Deals mostly with allowing object based services across a system. Notions of object activation, transport and such.

    CMP is very specifically one mode of using EJB which in itself is a industry supported format/standard built by some vendors on Corba compliant systems.

    good luck
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    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for your answer and explanation,
    I have one more doubt: Does CORBA supports other types of EJBs...for example Session Bean, Entity Bean with BMP, and Message Driven Bean??

    please any one clarify my doubt...

  4. Hi Shiva,

    Could you clarify exactly what it is that you want to do? It is perfectly
    possible to put a home object in JNDI, whose underlying implementation is held in COS naming. Some Appservers are ORBs themselves, BEA Weblogic
    and Sun ONE to name just two.

    I've accessed EJB's from C++ clients via CORBA before, is that what you're
    trying to do?

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    CORBA 3.0 and CORBA Components is supposed to support CMP EJBs,
    BUT there is no either commercial or good open source implementation of it, as far as I know, and I doubt there will be one ever, :(.