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    I was wondering why we need ejb-jar.xml and why we need weblogic-ejb-jar.xml or jboss.xml.Can anye one please tell me why they are required and whats the diference.It would be highly appreciated if any one could tell me a site about ejb-jar.xml as well.
    Thanks in advance
    gopal saha
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    The ejb-jar.xml is a standard descritor for an EJB module (a JAR with one or more EJBs). It declares EJBs, their interfaces etc.

    This standard descriptor is usually complemented by a server-specific descriptor (as expected). These descritors can hold optimizations, JNDI bindings etc.

    This is a clever way for the "core" of an EJB package to remain portable: any non-standard descriptor will be ignored by another J2EE server.