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      I am trying to deploy a web application as WAR. the war file is included in a EAR File. I have deployed the EAR in Weblogic 6.1 using Weblogic Admin Console. The application.xml entries are as follows:


    But when accessed thrugh the url http://:/dev, i am getting 404 error.
    Can someone pls give any clue what can go wrong with this?


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    Have you also defined a welcome-file?
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    Yes, i have defined welcome file also.
    I am getting the welcome file. From the welcome file i am calling a servlet with certain parameters. The servlet does some processing and forwards to any of 3/4 JSP files based on the input.
    The servlet code is as follows:

    requestDispatcher = getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/jsp/xyz.jsp");
    requestDispatcher.forward(request, response);

    xyz.jsp is present in jsp directory which and the entire jsp directory is included in the WAR file.

    I guess there is some problem in fofrwarding to these JSPs, although the same directory structure works when kept inside DefaultApps (WAR extracted in DefaultWebApps).

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    Hah, now it's easy. You must call request.getRequestDispatcher(), or the path won't be relative to your application root. The way you are doing the path might be relative to the server "root" (the default web application).

    Give it a try and tell me if it worked.