XpoLog Xtrim Log Viewer 1.0 Released


News: XpoLog Xtrim Log Viewer 1.0 Released

  1. XpoLog Xtrim Log Viewer 1.0 Released (1 messages)

    XpoLog Xtrim Log viewer is a log viewer application for developers and administrators. Xtrim, which has just released a 1.0 version, enables analysis of any log file. Xtrim has a strong pattern recognition engine that automatically detects log schema.

    Magic directories can detect new log files automatically. With XpoLog Xtrim you can view and analyze any log files. Merge different log files to one view. Transform data from file in variety of formats. Tail changing logs filesÂ… Xtrim can help you export log files over e-mail, SSH, SMTPÂ… From XpoLog you can monitor log files that are located on remote machines. XpoLog Security allows you to build a complete log viewing and analysis solution restricting unauthorized access.


    - Powerful log viewer for any file type
    - View XML log files as database table
    - Tail changing cyclic log files
    - From one location manage your entire network
    - Merge log files to one combined view
    - Integration to J2EE
    - Non Intrusive to external systems

    You can find out more at http://www.xpolog.com

    Haim Koschitzky

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