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    Sorry guys for writing query in this section. But i did not find any appro. section to put this query.

    I have a table with PK field as Varchar2.
    accordingly I have value object representing the field with String member attribute.

    now currently the pk value is running serial number starting from 1 and onwards.

    in oracle we can write select max(to_number(pk_field)) from table;

    but hibernate is not taking this query to get me the records.

    Reason is to_number is not qualified method in hibernate scope.

    anyone with solution on this ?

    this is SOS message.


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    Hibernate lets you submit SQL queries. See Expression.sql()

    Also, you should post Hibernate questions on the forums at forum.hibernate.org where you will get incredibly fast turnaround and many more responses.
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    Thanks Rob:

       I guess I shall do that :)
    somehow I rate theserverside much higher than any other forum.


    happy working
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    Wait 'til you try the Hibernate forums ;-)