eXo platform SARL's Open letter to Vignette corporation


Industry news: eXo platform SARL's Open letter to Vignette corporation

  1. Information to whom it may concern,
    The Vignette Corporation yesterday (4th February) in the following article announced to be the first company to support the Sun Microsystems' Portlet standard (JSR 168):
    We content this information, as our company - the eXo platform SARL - announced compliance with the JSR 168 standard on the 24th December 2003, in the following article published on TheServerSide.com:
    This move by Vignette is not appreciated, as their claim is incorrect and may to some extent hinder eXo platform's market access.
    We hope the misinformation will be addressed and pointed out to all relevant parties, to teach the Vignette Corporation a lesson in ethics, and to respect competition from firms like eXo platform SARL that distribute Open Source Software.
    Kind regards,
     Benjamin Mestrallet
     eXo platform® project leader
     eXo platform SARL manager
  2. It is very unfortunate. Sun must intervene in this matter. It should not happen again.

    Punit Pandey