A new release of the RIFE web application framework has been announced.

Unless major problems are found, this is the last unstable release.

The focus of the next release will be the addition of more documentation, more examples, and the creation of a Wafer weblog implementation.

Below are the highlights of this release.

* much better support for web continuations [ more ]
* added customization support to generic query manager [ more ]
* fully integrated data type meta-data facility through constraints [ more ]
* totally rewritten validation system [ more ]
* automated form building [ more ]
* addition of common database query execution patterns [ more ]
* user identification facility built on top of the authentication [ more ]
* OGNL support in template engine [ more ]
* support for Groovy as element implementation language [ more ]
* configurable state storage with support for server-side storage in sessions [ more ]
* refactored the repository for easy mocking and testing [ more ]
* added jump-start distribution [ more ]
* miscellaneous web engine enhancements [ more ]
* backwards incompatible changes [ more ]

The new version of RIFE can be downloaded directly from :

developer jumpstart setup,
ready-to-run examples,
users guide,
more downloads at java.net.