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    Hello I am newibe to JMS , I will use Websphere app server 5.
    I think to use the p2p pattern and I have few questions:

    is it possilbe to retrieve a messege from the queue and change it?
    is it possible to remove a messege from the queue?
    is it possible to change a position of a messege in a queue , or to force the delivery whenever you want?

    if I have a messege that should automaticly start delivering once a month should I use JMS?

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    Hi Ohad:

    1. It is not possible to manipulate a message on the queue, but you could recieve it, change it, and resend it to the queue.
    2. You can use a QueueBrowser to locate a particular message and read its JMSMessageID. Then you use the JMSMessageID in the message selector and recieve the message.
    3. I don't think so, but the JMSPriority might help you.
    4. If you want to schedule the delivery of a message, JMS is probably not the ideal option. Maybe you'd be better of to store the message in a database and use a scheduler like Quartz to read from the database once a month.

    hope this helps,
  3. thanks!
    what is the queue browser?
    in which cases for example would you recommand to use JMS?
    is it ideal for heavy processes?