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    Hi: I dowloaded and installed WebLogic Server 5.1.0 on NT and it ran fine. I just noticed that the bea(offical) OS requirement for WebLogic Server 5.1.0 is still Windows NT. Does any one installed and used WebLogic Server 5.1.0 on Windows 2000. Are there any issues that we should be awrae of.

  2. Hi,
       I have installed weblogic5.1.0 on Windows2000. It was starting fine but i have got a problem while running the servlet it was comming internal server error "Requested path not found in the class path" i.e c:/weblogic/myserver/servletclasses i have register that servlet in to Weblogic.properties file and i have put that path in my classpath then also it was comming same even i Reeboot the system there is no use.If u know about this please let me know.
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    WebLogic Server 5.1 runs fine on Win2000.We can deploy both servlets and JSP successfully.There are actually three ways of deploying servlets,you can try one of the ways other than registering your servlets,it works fine.
    We can't deploy EJBs in WL server on win2000,unfortunately weblogic5.1 is not fully complaint with win2000,we can expect these problems to be solved in Weblogic 6.0