App. Server selection: JBoss3.2.3/Weblogic8.1/Webshpere5.1


Performance and scalability: App. Server selection: JBoss3.2.3/Weblogic8.1/Webshpere5.1

  1. We need to migrate our existing Weblogic5.1 to something better... and we have narrowed it down to three - JBoss3.2.3, Weblogic 8.1 and Websphere 5.1.
    Three most important features we are looking are:
    1. Good clustering and fail-over
    2. Hot deploy feature
    3. High performance

    We're high traffic site with several daily production pushes.
    I am in the process of testing these three features. I wanted to get some feedback from fellow techies who have gone thru their selection process and share some of your insights and lesson that might be helpful to me. Thanks!
  2. I've used JBoss 3.2.x as well as Websphere 3.5, 4.x and 5.x

    My company runs applications on both Websphere and Weblogic.

    The sysadmin group prefers Weblogic. I prefer Weblogic too.