's letter to the community on their downtime


News:'s letter to the community on their downtime

  1. Sun has had some problems with It looked like the problem came from a failed upgrade. The Sun Developer Team has come out with a letter to the community, letting us know about their upgrade.

    "To Our Valued Developer Community: The entire Sun Developer Team continues to be committed to resolving the intermittent access issues you have experienced. In addition to troubleshooting the root cause we are adding 7 additional Sun servers to assist with capacity needs. We have also changed load distribution to include additional locations. These actions will boost performance and reliability."

    It appears that there was a problem in an upgrade from Netscape Enterprise to iPlanet Enterprise. They also upgraded from Solaris 8 to Solaris 9.

    This is all based on reader NetCrafts information

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  2. it means......[ Go to top ]

    success for Solaris 8 to Solaris 9

    but failure of update from Netscape-Enterprise/6.0 to iPlanet-WebServer-Enterprise/6.0

    Goot that i use Apache :)
  3. it's the same[ Go to top ]

    Netscape Enterprise Server 6.0 == iPlanet Web Server 6.0
  4. Serves them right for not using WebLogic :-)