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    All my business processes are mapped to one or more methods on session beans and each session bean has a security descriptot parameter so that I can authenticate the caller of the method.

    The session bean methods generally use one or more entity beans to fulfill their business role. What I would like to do is make these entity beans private, as currently they are available through the normal JNDI lookup and a home interface.

    Is it possible to tell JNDI to give access to entity beans from session beans only ?

    Can JNDI be configured perhaps for password access to home interfaces ?

    Is this vendor specific code ?

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    You can control access via the Access Control Lists provided by your container. Simply create a user say "interal" that makes the call from the session bean (Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL) then place him into an ACL which is then applied to the EntityBean.

    This is all handled logically in your bean then mapped to a vendor specific implementation in the specific container.

    See EJB 1.1 and J2EE specs for details.

    Dave Wolf
    Internet Applications Division
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    How does the session reset the principle to "internal" before calling the entity ?