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    suppose i have swing clients in my j2ee app and i deploy all of them (clients, sessionbeans, entitybeans, daos, etc... ) on the server (the one that's hosting the app, of course).
    I'm on an intranet and i want some of the remote computers (the ones inside intranet) to run their swing clients.

    I don't know exactly what happens, as i'm a beginner!

    The swing client is run from the remote pc right?
    So, you gotta have the client app "installed" over there!

    Then, what exactly is the necessity of having to deploy the clients with the j2ee applicatio???
    Is it for the server to think something like "only client applications like the one deployed here can access the j2ee app" ???

    So, does it mean that any client app the I want to run over the j2ee app need to be deployed???

    thanks a lot,
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    For Swing clients, the client application will need to be installed on each client machine. In addition to the client's Java code, you will also need to install the appropriate client Jars from the server (which are themselves server-specific).

    This is one of the reason why web clients are so popular: there is no client installation.
  3. So, does it mean that a must have a piece of code like the following in my client.java.

    Hashtable props = new Hashtable();
    props.put(InitialContext.PROVIDER_URL, "jnp://MY_SERVER_NAME:1099");

    And the same client.class compiled file i use to deploy is the same i use to run on remote machines (these ones with all the jars needed by the server, jboss, for example).
    Am i rigth?
  4. That's correct.

    Check your server documentation. They ought to have explicit instructions somewhere on all the pieces you need.