Fiorano releases Enterprise Service Bus 3.5


News: Fiorano releases Enterprise Service Bus 3.5

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    Fiorano today announced the release of Fiorano ESB 3.5, claiming to be the world's only peer-to-peer Enterprise Service Bus product. Major additions to v3.5 include parralel execution of web service processes defined BPEL, support for complex XSD schemas, a new HTTP[s] Receive service, multi-table monitoring for cross-database replication, etc.

    Check out Fiorano ESB and read the press release.
  2. Have anybody have production experience with what is called 'Enterprise Service Bus'? The name of the product make you think about bus architectures in computer systems. On the other hand, messaging systems does what a usb bus in computer hardware does in software realm: Different parties could communicate with each other in a lousely-coupled manner.
  3. Obviously following in the foot steps of Sonic. An obvious direction once you've got a good J2EE app servers (which the have) is to move into SOAs and and ESB is definately a SOA.

    It would be interesting to see how they stack up against Sonic.

    Good new Fiorano, a move in the right direction.

    -John- (I wonder if they need some good SWIFT, FIX and other FS libraries???)
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