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    Has anyone tried filters framework (<filter> tag in web.xml) in struts for role based access to webpages in a

    enterprise wide application...deployed in weblogic...we tried this and seems each sub-application needs a

    different, its own web.xml and a single integrated web.xml..
    Any workarounds...
    (Basically, in our lare web app, we want to allow different users (admin, user, etc) access to different pages

    (password reset, etc) based on his privileges....


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    I swear I already posted this about an hour ago but it ain't showing up
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    On a recent WLS 8.1 project, we just used the beforeAction() page flow method as a hook into our own security/profile framework and bypassed container managed security altogether. Seems to have worked pretty well for what we needed. If you have a stand-alone Struts app, you could look into SAIF (which provides essentially the same hooks, although I've not tried it with a WLS page flow app).

    Best of luck.