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    is there any EJB( entity Beans and session beans) framework ?

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    EJB is itself a framework, and a very complicated one. It is not really suitable for additional framework structure.

    However, something that is useful and helpful are tools and code-generators that support EJB development, such as XDoclet. Most modern Java IDEs also include such tools.

    Another useful thing are development patterns, such as describe in the Core J2EE Patterns by Deepak Alur, Dan Malks and John Crupi.
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    I developed an extention for the EJB framework..
    it's a SessionBean that can create update delete or retrieve a row from the backend( all that by using EntityBeans)
    the framework support relationships , you can retrieve a row and its children
    the framework support Locking and Validtion before updating the backend.
    and few more features...

    would developers will be intresting in such a framework?
    I think it simplifies EJBs.