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    I pretty sure of the answer, but I just want to make sure. Can you call jax-rpc and jaxm implemented web services from non-java clients?


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    Yes, not a problem.

    Easy to test with a .NET client, just generate the client and point to the location of the wdsl-document for your web service.
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    Thought so. Thanks for confirming.
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    A follow up: In the book "Developing Java Web Services", Wiley Publishing, a diagram (pg 455) shows that jax-rpc request/response communication travels from jax-rpc runtime to jax-rpc runtime where the client is in a J2SE environment. This leads me to believe that your client must be java based. Am I missing something here? Can you call the jax-rpc from a non-java client?

    Also in the same book, another diagram (pg 405) depicts jaxm request/response communication between and a non java soap client and jaxm provider. For sync/asynchronous, communication is between jaxm provider and jaxm provider. Does this mean, with jaxm, I can have non java clients for synchrounous comm, but for asynchronous comm I have to have java clients?