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    hi all,
    i have a problem ...hope someone could help me...
    i've created a webservice in that returns an custom object person.Now when i try to make use of this object in my java client, i get an deserialisation exception.I tried creating a class in java with similar structure and tried to typecat it too, but even then am getting the same exception.
    The sample code is also here,
    Person is the class created in java similar to the Person class in
    Person person=(Person)call.invoke(params)
    This statement leads to the Deserialsation error.
    Am using apache soap client to invoke my webservice.

    I beleive someone would help me fixing this,

  2. Download a JBuilder trial to make it generate the whole java client from a plain WSDL file. It is VERY easy usinf JBuilder (in fact, JBuilder uses Apache Axis, but it makes the job quite easier).

    Are you sure that .NET generated a WSDL file with the complete type definition?