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  1. serverside push (2 messages)

    I want to push a response to a client applet (which is
    dwnloaded from the same host) from a servlet/jsp whenever the news content on the server changes.
    (without the client explicitly querying for the same)
    Pls let me know how i can do this..

    thnkx in advance

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  2. polling[ Go to top ]

    can anyboby explain how to implement
    client polling mechanism.
    that is client polling the server
    for web pages for every few sec.
    thanx in advance
  3. SERVER PUSH[ Go to top ]

    can anybody expalin
    how the SERVER push
    takes place.Iam developing a
    application which constanly
    updates the client.i do not
    want to use Client polling b'coz
    its a load on the server.
    pl anybody help me.