best way to communicate between two application servers.


General J2EE: best way to communicate between two application servers.

  1. I have to solve a problem where we are communicating between
    a cobol/cics environment and a j2ee application server.

    the cobol/cics has an application server built in
    (basically websphere)

    so the idea is cics -> websphere -> local server.
                   cics <- websphere <- local server.

    we are doing it this way because we are unable to abandon
    the cics code as yet but will be moving everything off there eventually.

    the cics to websphere is not a problem but i have not been able to find something that will demonstrate one
    application initiating a link to another application server
    and getting a response.

    should i use jms,soap, rmi-iiop??? something else?

    any help would be fantastic.

  2. Are you just talking about one EJB server to another EJB server?

    In that case, you should be able to use the same operations a Java client would use to access the remote EJB server: JNDI lookup of the remote servers JNDI namespace, retrieve the home interface and use it to get the remote interface.