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    I'm trying to connect jboss 3.2.1. with postgres 7.4.1. The server works in a linux machine with java 1.4.2.
    I have made the following:
    1) I have copied the file pg74.213.jdbc3.jar in /server/default/deploy.
    2) I have copied the corresponding postgres-ds.xml file in /server/default/deploy.

    I have the following problem:
    - When I start jboss in the server with the .jar and .war files of my application already copied in deploy, it comes an error: "Error fixing table name"
    - But when I start jboss without the .jar and .war files of my application, it starts fine, and when I copy them later with the server running, that runs fine too: there's no errors.

    I can't understand it, can someone explain me what's the matter? I can't see the difference between the both ways of doing it.

    Thank you very much,

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    I tyhink you shopuld copy the Postgres JDBC driver in the /server/default/lib folder instead of the /server/default/deploy folder.
    Best regards,Mircea
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    Thank you !!

    I have copied the driver in /server/default/lib and now there're no error messages. I thank you very much, I had lost a lot of time with that.

    Thousand thanks and best regards,