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    Hi All,

    Can anyone help me with the dynamic survey application using XML and XSLT approach .I do not know how to proceed with the design for this application.

    It looks simple but still confused as to how to approach
    the design.


    We are creating this application using IBM Websphere 5.X.
    We are having a existing database in MS SQL Server 2000
    with Tables created for

    Creating Questions
    Capturing Survey response..

    We need to dynamically present this questions in the Web
    by appling XSLT on XML and there is no limit on how many questions on presented
    on the page..

    Also we need to capture the survery response in to the

    I need to know how to go about creating XML/XSLT and
    form submit and capture the survey respone.

    Your help is highly appreciated...

    Thanks in advance
  2. We are having a existing database in MS SQL Server 2000with Tables created for Creating Questions
    Right there is your biggest challenge. How do you know which questions to serve up to the user? Is the survey going to be dynamic based on their profile, but this assumes that the survey knows who they are based on a login. Is the survey only going to be dynamic on say the second set of questions based on the the first set? Isn't this going to require some sort of rules engine? That is where the complexity is, you must intragrate the rules engine with the results/profile/question server. Once you know what quesitons to serve up you can simply use XML, XSLT easily or any type of datadriven web tier like the way Expresso does it or XMLC. Not that you couldn't do this in JSP though.

    Good luck
    Kris Thompson
  3. XML/XSLT is only a display technology. It can't capture the results. You need to use some other server-side processing component (probably a servlet) to capture the user's answers.

    In other words, you survey should be in an HTML form whose action direct it to the servlet that stores the results:

    <form action="/servlet/StoreSurveyResultServlet">
  4. Hi,
    What was your solution for the dynamic surveys, could please share with the group.