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News: Introducing Daffodil DB Replicator v1.0

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    Daffodil Software limited (DSL) experience great honor introducing Daffodil DB Replicator v1.0. Daffodil DB Replicator is a replication tool for synchronizing data amongst various distributed Java-enabled databases and is capable of detecting and resolving conflicts that tend to occur while synchronizing data as well.

    Daffodil DB Replicator is a replication tool that provides a Java application capability to synchronize multiple data sources - some of which may be residing on a remote network. It allows its users to develop Java applications that can replicate and synchronize data between distributed Java-enabled databases.
    Replicator integrates impeccably with all Daffodil database products as well as with selected third-party databases that provide JDBC drivers.

    Replicator enables its users to:
    • Synchronize data amongst enterprise databases running on J2EE server platforms, workgroup databases running on J2EE/J2SE platforms and Java-enabled mobile devices running on J2SE/J2ME platforms.
    • Synchronize data bi-directionally with client-side initiating the synchronization process.
    • Publish and Subscribe data with Publisher and Subscriber architecture.
    The Publication (collection of one or more tables defined by developers) and Subscription (a copy of a particular publication on a Publisher) allows a Publisher to publish data to one or more Subscribers where Replication server enacts the role of a listener on a pre-defined communication port and the Subscriber makes periodic requests for synchronization operations.
    Publishers are the basic building blocks of a Replicator’s synchronization network and Subscriber subscribes to the Publisher’s publications.
    Replicator Publisher and Replicator Subscriber are responsible for managing this synchronization of data across the network.

    Configuring of Replicator involves creation of Publishers and Subscribers, selection of data sources, and also defining or creating of publications and subscriptions. While creating a publication, one or more tables must be specified those are to be published. Each table to be specified in publication must have a primary key.

    During runtime, actual operations that are performed to share and transfer data between Publishers and Subscribers takes place.
    Replicator is also capable of detecting and resolving conflicts that tend to occur while synchronizing data. Conflict resolver comes into play only when operation has been performed on same records on both Publisher as well as Subscriber’s side.

    Download the evaluation copy of Daffodil DB Replicator v1.0
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