webservice method return 2 MB of information


XML & Web services: webservice method return 2 MB of information

  1. Hi All,
       I have to call a webservice that returns a byte[] the size will be 2 MB aprox. Is there any limitation ? , What do you think ? do you have any experiense calling a webservice that returns an object of 2 MB ?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. One application I worked on returned an dynamically created HTML page that was sometimes 8M. We had timeout problems, but after tweeking, we got it to work. Our rule of thumb was that it had to deliver in under 2 minutes, and virtually any page that downloaded in under 1 minute had no timeout problems.

    I don’t know if the same rules for timeouts go for web services. The primary determinant may be your clients.

    Erik Sliman
    http://as.JoshuaBranch.com application security today
  3. Hi,
       I did some testcases and I could say that webservices is not ready or best solution when the webservice returns 2 MB or more. timeout is not the only problem .... if you want to return 2 MB on WAS 5.0.3 your JVM ( webservice server) needs aprox. 700 MB of memory.
    In other words Webservices for this particular situation is not the best solution.