How to assemble an open source J2EE-based platform?


General J2EE: How to assemble an open source J2EE-based platform?

  1. It seems like most commercial J2EE-providers provide the following (more or less well integrated) stack of products:

    - J2EE-server
    - Portal-server
    - Integration/workflow-server
    - WebServices-support
    - Design time support for all the parts in an IDE

    Is it possible to assemble a production ready platform like this using open source products only? How well do the products integrate? How much wiring of the products do I have to do myself? Has anyone released a fully integrated open source platform (where I don't have to do the wiring myself)?


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  2. Both and run on open source using JBoss, Apache HTTPD, Tomcat-JK (connects Apache with JBoss), and MySQL.

    For content management, you could try Apache: Apache's Java projects

    They have web application frameworks and content management solutions.

    For workflow applications, I'd check out sourceforge:

    Searching for "J2EE workflow" reveals some interesting projects.

    Erik Sliman application security today
  3. well for CMS[ Go to top ]

    You should try
  4. Gluecode[ Go to top ]