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    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone heard of the MVC2 design pattern.
    I know of the Model1 and Model2 and the MVC design patterns.
    But I have never heard of the MVC2 design pattern.
    If anyone knows aboutthis please let me know.


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    MVC2 is a short form for MVC Model 2 architecture. Search for "MVC2 design pattern" in google and you will see it used inter-changeably by design pattern experts.

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    Thanks Sanjay,

  4. Following link has a very good article on MVC2:

    Understanding JavaServer Pages Model 2 architecture:
  5. Gayatri...Are u implementing struts technology now?? If yes just tell me the Javabeans procedure in it.And also tell me the procedure to customize servlets with beans.
  6. The difference between (plain) MVC and MVC2 (web MVC) is that MVC2 lacks the Observer pattern, wherein the View is observing the Model and reacting to Model changes.

    This is necessitated by the stateless, connectionless, nature of the web.

    In a "true" MVC application, say one for viewing your bank balance, your view would be updated when a payment decrements your account. The view is observing the model and changing as the model changes.

    In MVC2, the update won't occur until you refresh your view. That is, it won't occur until your view goes to the model and asks for updated information.