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    what are the guidelines to deploy XML schemas (schemas that include and import other schemas)in the J2EE realm ?


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    I prefer to put my Schemas/DTDs in jar files, and write a custom EntityResolver that loads those resources via the classpath.

    If the Schema refers to other schema files, the parser will use the EntityResolver to load those files, and therefore these additional schemas can also be in the classpath.
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    What if your schema gets referenced by both web and ejb tier ? Is your EntityResolver class in a common jar that is present in both tiers ? Would it be possible to share the code ? Thanks.
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    Put your schemas and your entity resolvers and your XML related utilities in a common jar bundled with your EAR; this should make it available in both the web and EJB tiers.
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    I like the XMLBeans that WebLogic has developed. Their tools take care of most of the details and XML documents are automatically loaded into XMLBean objects. They are planning on making this available open source via Apache.