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    Hi, I'm a newbie so could someone tell me the difference between the two web servers JBoss and Tomcat? Ideally what each can do but the other can't

    I'm going to be creating a web application using Java and JSP so was wondering what would be best.

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    If all you are doing is servlet/JSP, Tomcat is all you need. Tomcat is a pure servlet engine, with no EJB. JBoss supports EJB and JMS related stuff.
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    The first reply is basically right.. JBoss is a full J2EE application server.. it supports the bulk of the J2EE spec. (All of it perhaps?)

    If you are just getting into development, Tomcat is certainly fine. I would recommend Tomcat 5, as it supports newer JSP/Servlet versions, and using JSTL/EL is much easier than the older JSP versions. (Some will also argue Velocity, Tapestry, WebWork, etc, etc.. but its not a bad idea to get comfortable with a basic environment before moving onto other frameworks.)

    I've run sites on both.. and if I am just building web stuff (jsp/servlets), then I typically stick with Tomcat. (You can still use things like Hibernate for persistence though.. don't think that you are limited from doing lots of things in Tomcat..)
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    I started using Jboss but I think it's more that what I need.
    I'm planning to make a portal with some file uploads feature and with some webservices. This portal is supposed to manage mailinglists manager like sympa (I don't have an idea how yet).

    Can you tell me what is the best for me ?
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    They're both useful for different purposes. I think that about sums up this debate. It's funny to find a discussion thread like this when tomcat 7 is about to be released. How time flies!

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    Thanks a lot guys... Your arguments and comments has really given answers to my questions....

    Thanks again. @Eve Stein  Yes i definitely agree with you... time has really passed but the technology has improved more so....